Transport Industry

We specialise in wash bays in the transport industry.

Our customers include long-haul, national, cross-border and heavy-duty trucking companies that transport chemicals, mining products, fuel, manufactured products, raw materials, vehicles, components used in manufacturing, liquids, powders, gels, motor components and tyres.

In the wash bays, we utilise the following equipment to clean vehicles: Wap industrial equipment, foamers, dosing units, 210-litre drums and high-pressure hoses. Water pressure (with a minimum of 2 bars) and air pressure are necessary components for the foamer, which can be a permanent fixture or attached to a trolley for use anywhere in the wash bay.

Vehicles can have rubberised curtains and/or fixed panels. The chemicals used to clean vehicles include: Hyperclean, Heavy Duty Degreaser, dashboard cleaner, tyre shine, hand wash, spot cleaner, air freshener, Gensolve, Alubrite and Powerclean. All of these can be diluted in buckets, spray bottles and drums.

It is advisable to use PPE equipment when using harmful chemicals. PPE includes masks, safety boots, overalls, gloves (ranging from full length to elbow length), safety glasses and goggles, hard hats and ear plugs.


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